Who am I, What do I do?

By Jed Grant

portfolio-concept-aug-2009-thumbnailSo my current site, well my current primary site hasn’t gotten a lot of love for a while. This summer I was planning on giving it a bit of an overhaul and this is what I had in mind. It was quite fun to design. However, when I finished the designed and had mostly finished the CSS and HTML I realized it might lean a little too far towards my gaming industry background. So I canceled this one. However, I still like it so I thought I would share both the design on how all of my blogs came about. At the end of the post I’ll also be including a few screenshots of the design shown here.

The idea was to create a site that would showcase not only my ability to make something that looked nice, but also to present a web site that would allow prospective employers or clients to get an idea of how I do my work. To sell myself if you will. Often portfolios tend to be primarily visual with the ability to contact or find a little more about the creator. Instead I wanted to really showcase not only my visual skills, but also my skills and processes as an interaction designer. Those skills include business analysis for gather requirements, low fidelity wireframing to calrify requirements and also rough out the function/layout of a design, high fidelity prototypes which show exactly what the finished product would look like and finally the css/html/jquery needed to creating a functional prototype.

However, that’s really only what I do for my day job currently. I wanted to show all of my skills, and even some of my interests. I’ve done video game ui, good ole’ web design, front end coding, interaction design, print design and 3d work. I’m also very interested in visual effects, photography and writing. So how on earth do you pack all that into a single site and have it still make sense. Well, I don’t. I decided to create a series of blogs grouped by similar type and write articles that would show people what I do instead of just tell them. So this is the beginning of the design blog. You can see the other currently active blogs by moving your cursor over the header.

portfolio concept home page

portfolio concept page design

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