Misc Design

Shown below are a selection of different types of design work I have been involved with in the past.


As the admissions webmaster and graphic designer I was tasked with creating mailing that routinely went out to nearly 100,000 perspective students the university was attempting to recruit. Additionally I was asked to create advertisements, trade show displays, booklets and occasionally magazine content.

Video Game Interface

The following images are from a handful of game concepts we were considering at a previous employer. Many of the games we worked on never saw the light of day as the company went under with their corporate backers during the recession. A couple of games I helped with that actually made it into stores were Major League Eating and an Alvin and the Chipmunks game in 2007. It seems none of the other dozen or so games were finished before the company closed it’s doors.

3D and Visual Effects

These are a few of the things I have done for 3D or VFX related purposes. I find this to be a pretty entertaining diversion when I have time for it.